About Brainchild

Brainchild is the premier literary and arts magazine for undergraduate honors students in the Mid-East Honors Association (MEHA).  Brainchild strives to showcase the best works from honors students in this region in a manner that afford the creators the exposure and recognition that their works deserve. We are a refuge for creative dialogues that test the limits of traditional aesthetics and inform our readership of bold new ideas. 


With Kent State University’s Honors College as our epicenter, Brainchild’s chief focus is to have a conversation that traverses state lines and unites schools of thought across a variety of academic institutions. We want to hear your stories, to collectively build upon the creative conversations that not only span the history of literature and philosophy, but forge it. How do we do that? 

Each of the twelve members of our editorial board and graphic design team are highly skilled at sifting through the countless slivers of greatness that make up our lives, at finding the diamonds in the rough among human relations and polishing those moments into works of art. As a diverse literary and arts magazine, we don’t discriminate against mediums or movements. Brainchild is actively engaged in showcasing the best stories whether they’re hammered out with words or sculpted through image.


Brainchild is looking for stellar works of prose and poetry, creative nonfiction and essays. We are looking for fine art and photography that captivate our staff, and more importantly, our readers. We are also interested in innovative works that cross the border between literature and art. If your piece plays with typography in radical ways to illustrate how narratives can be written in images, as well as words, send it our way. Our primary prerequisites for acceptance are the conjoined twins of quality and authenticity. We are looking for words and images that come from a place of honesty and observation and inform us of new ways to examine ourselves and the world we share. If you would like to request a mailed copy, please email editor@brainchildmagazine.org.