Editorial Staff


Charles Malone

Charlie is a professional advisor with the Honors College at Kent State. Charlie takes over advising from the Aaron Hanlin who served as the advisor since 2013. Charlie served as an Assistant Editor at the Colorado Review and Poetry Editor for Matter Journal and helped found a community-based journalistic endeavor at Wolverine Farm Publishing. He edited the anthology A Poetic Inventory or Rocky Mountain National Park and continues to publish his own writing.


Nina PalatTella
Editor in Chief

Nina enjoys writing because it allows her to cultivate a greater understanding of the world around her and the people and experiences it holds. While she most often writes fiction and poetry, she also enjoys the challenge of research-based writing, and is currently working on her senior honors thesis. She has been published in Luna Negra, Kent State’s literary and arts magazine, for whom she has worked as an editor. She was also the recipient of the 2018 Anna Ulen Engleman Creative Writing Award for her short story “Flightless Birds.” She hopes to be a writer for the rest of her life.



Emily is a creative person from Cleveland, Ohio. She enjoys embroidery, experimental and 3-D design, architecture, and making. Emily currently designs for LaunchNET, Kent State’s entrepreneurial organization and serves as the president for the AIGA chapter at Kent State. Emily has had work showcased in the Honors Exhibition through the Kent State School of Visual Communication design and at the Foundations Exhibition through the Kent State School of Art. Currently, she is learning the art of screen printing and focusing on ways design can build community.


Taylor FUlton
Art Editor

Taylor is an artist and a scientist; while she loves to draw in her sketchbook, her academic career is geared towards saving the environment. Conservation and sustainability are key aspects Taylor would like to maintain and develop upon within our world. As she continues on with Brainchild, Taylor aims to disseminate art and literature into society to encourage individual interpretation and self-discovery. She believes art is a universal language that everyone and anyone can speak.


Alex EMbleton

Alex is a visual thinker with a passion for storytelling, a passion he hopes to spin into a lifetime of engaging people through illustration and graphic narrative. He is looking forward to helping other people tell their stories in his second year on the Brainchild Staff. Alex has won 3 silver keys for different pieces in the 2014 and 2015 scholastic art awards. In 2016 two of his illustrations were featured in the VCD Honors exhibition. He currently writes and draws a web comic about an astronaut that has to move back home with his parents.


Rachel Bishop

Rachel is a graphic artist trying to find her place in the crazy world of creativity. She enjoys sunny days, good books, and exploring the different ways that visual communication implements itself into everyday life. Markers and colored pencils are her preferred medium, but she is open to learning about all the ways that art can be created. She recently went on a study abroad trip to South Korea, and hopes to continue traveling in the future. She loves seeing how other cultures approach visual storytelling and communication.  



Abigail Archer

This is Abigail’s first year with Brainchild. Her passion is designing & organizing information in a meaningful & beautiful way. She is currently studying visual communication design and user experience design. Some of her favorite things include typography, coffee, and the color yellow. She hopes to one day make a career out of working in print design.


Brittany Miller

Brittany is a down to earth individual with an eye for creative and functional design and an ear for music. She enjoys rainy days paired with the comfort of a warm cup of coffee, a good book, or her trusty ukulele. Her favorite mediums of art are digital media, gouache, and photography, and she is always excited to incorporate them in her work. She believes that successful design always begins with the user and hopes that she can bring that methodology to Brainchild.


Carrie George
Poetry Editor

Carrie is a writer and a photographer. She enjoys journalistic and creative writing, with a focus in poetry. She uses her words and her photography skills to tell stories and record the world around her. In addition to working for Brainchild, Carrie is the managing editor of Luna Negra and an intern at the Wick Poetry Center. She was also the 2018 winner of the Wick Poetry Center undergraduate scholarship contest. Carrie hopes to attend graduate school for an MFA in poetry and have the chance to teach poetry in the community. 


Samantha Horwitz

This is Samantha’s second year as an editor on the Brainchild staff. Along with working at the magazine, she is part of the Bunge lab at Kent State working in the synthesis of inorganics, and the Golczak lab at Case Western Reserve University, researching novel drugs to treat macular degeneration and Stargardt disease. Despite her work as a chemist, she has always considered the fields of science and literature to be intimately linked. Proof lies in the absolute poetry that exists within small molecule and protein crystals as well as in the way that it’s always more enjoyable to read a well-written but poorly carried out scientific proposal than it is to read beautiful science, written disastrously. She one day wishes to be able to truly tie together her love of language with the joy of scientific discovery, hoping to eventually work as an editor for a scientific journal after many years at the lab bench.  


Samantha Greene

Samantha is a motivated individual with a passion for literature, analysis, horseback riding and working with others to improve their skills in writing, especially children. She is a writing tutor at the university’s Writing Commons and specifically enjoys helping writers compose rhetorical analysis and research essays. While she enjoys writing poetry and fiction, she has been published in the magazine Full Throttle, a publication for motorcycle enthusiasts in the southeastern United States. She hopes to bring her diverse experience with written works into her first year at Brainchild. Samantha is eagerly looking forward to a career as a Language Arts teacher, a career which will be defined by her belief that exposure to literature is key in developing empathy for others. 


Chloe Holm

Chloe loves inventive poetry and prose and is particularly fond of the science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian genres. She seeks new inspirations for writing from different experiences including traveling abroad and interacting with people from other cultures. She has studied abroad multiple times by participating in the Freshmen in Florence program her first semester at Kent and living with a host family in Northern Japan during summer 2016. She plans to continue traveling and to study abroad in Japan for a longer period of time. Chloe combines her passion for the written word with her love for theater and is a part of Flash Harmony, one of the acapella groups on campus. She is eager to continue writing and editing and to be a part of Brainchild!


Nathaniel Seres

Nathaniel is a senior at Kent State University majoring in English and TESOL, with a minor in Chinese. He has had works published in previous editions of Brainchildas well as some magazines including Luna Negra. He enjoys reading, writing, and running long distances. He plans, upon graduation, to hopefully teach English somewhere and foster a love for the arts. After all, what is life without art?


Olivia Swasey

Olivia is a writer and poet. She allows her love of art and poetry to inform her life, and uses her writing to tell stories that often go unheard. Olivia has previously had poems published in both Brainchild and Luna Negra, and is in the process of completing her first manuscript. After graduation, she plans to move to Boston, Massachusetts to begin her career in the field of literature, and she hopes to utilize her love of good art to inspire passion for literature in the hearts of others.