Editorial Staff


Charles Malone

Charlie is a professional advisor with the Honors College at Kent State. Charlie takes over advising from the Aaron Hanlin who served as the advisor since 2013. Charlie served as an Assistant Editor at the Colorado Review and Poetry Editor for Matter Journal and helped found a community-based journalistic endeavor at Wolverine Farm Publishing. He edited the anthology A Poetic Inventory or Rocky Mountain National Park and continues to publish his own writing.


Joseph LangAN
Editor in Chief

Joseph is a lifelong student of literature and philosophy. He works as a writing tutor, specializing in serving the international community by helping non-native English speakers. He’s worked for a variety of different newspapers both on campus and in his hometown and was a slush reader for a science fiction magazine. He runs his own website dedicated to movie reviews and analyses of the entertainment industry. When he’s not creating art of his own or sharing the works of others through Brainchild, Joseph is planning trips abroad.


Caroline Woodward
Art Director

This is Caroline’s third year working on the design team for Brainchild. She currently runs the website for Alpha and Omega Photography based out of Buffalo, NY, has done work for local small Buffalo companies, and worked for the company Buffalo Computer Graphics as their graphic designer for the summer. At Kent she is involved with H2o ministry and is on the executive board of the Alpha Phi Sorority. She has hopes of moving back to Buffalo after her Fall 2018 graduation, marrying her fiancé and working for a local ad agency.


Emily Gommel
Art Director

Emily is a creative person from Cleveland, Ohio. She enjoys embroidery, experimental and 3-D design, architecture, and innovation. Emily currently designs for LaunchNET, Kent State’s entrepreneurial organization, and at Glyphix Studio. Emily has had work showcased in the Honors Exhibition through the Kent State School of Visual Communication design and at the Foundations Exhibition through the Kent State School of Art. Someday, you will see Emily’s work on the cover of the New Yorker.


Sarah Grages
Fiction Editor

Sarah, although happiest while reading a book to the tune of crickets outside, finds joy in cultivating her own writing and nurturing the plants that line her windowsill. In her effort to live as a compassionate and perceptive individual, she finds literature’s ability to reach the core of emotion to be an invaluable way of learning more about the human condition. She is inspired by both the vast differences and striking similarities among the creatures of this planet, and plans to travel across the country so that she may immerse herself in the observation of these characteristics.


Ellie Marshall
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Ellie has a love for natural beauty and self expression. She has researched and written about the individual and group efforts regarding the Civil Rights Movement and how those efforts manifested in society. Ellie aspires to influence law and policy dealing with educational equality while simultaneously promoting individuality and art.


Carrie George
Poetry Editor

Carrie is a writer and a photographer. She enjoys journalistic and creative writing, with a focus in poetry. Carrie is a documentary photographer. She uses her words and her photography skills to tell stories and record the world around her. In addition to working for Brainchild, Carrie is the editor in chief of Luna Negra, another literary arts magazine, and a reporter for the Kent Stater, Kent State’s newspaper. Carrie also co-founded A Voi Magazine, a magazine for the Kent State Florence Institute.  One day, Carrie hopes to work as a magazine editor.


Samantha Horwitz

Samantha is an enthusiastic and analytical individual.  Despite her work as a chemist, she has always considered the fields of science and literature to be intimately linked.  She spent time as a reader for a molecular genetics research lab, consolidating mountains of past discoveries from scholarly articles and papers on the biochemical basis of flavoviruses.  She one day hopes to be able to truly tie together her love of language with the joy of scientific discovery.  


Nina Palattella

Nina enjoys writing poetry and fiction to examine and expand upon the world around her. She is also a staff writer for Luna Negra, Kent State’s literature and arts magazine, which published one of her short stories in 2017. She received an honorable mention in the Wick Poetry Center 2017 Undergraduate Poetry Contest for her poem “Round Trip.” She is involved in the Kent State College Democrats, Writer’s Workshop, English Club, and Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honorary society. She aspires to be a writer for the rest of her life.


Alex Embleton

Alex is a visual thinker with a passion for storytelling, a passion he hopes to spin into a lifetime of engaging people through illustration and graphic narrative. He is looking forward to helping other people tell their stories in his first year on the Brainchild Staff. Alex has won 3 silver keys for different pieces in the 2014 and 2015 scholastic art awards. In 2016 two of his illustrations were featured in the VCD Honors exhibition. He currently works in Signum Design, creating posters and other materials for events put on by Kent State and many student organizations on campus.


Anna Moorehead

Anna is an artist and designer with a love for inspirational and visual storytelling. Her favorite pastimes include walking through spunky art museums, eating new foods, and traveling. She is currently the head designer at Flight & Co. which is a start-up in Cleveland with a mission to tell the stories of those affected by cancer. She believes that inspiring stories deserve to be heard, felt, and seen, and her mission is to help these stories reach as many as possible by designing in a meaningful way. Anna’s past artwork has been placed on exhibit at the Ohio Governor’s Show and she was the recipient of a Kent State University Visual Communication Design Scholarship in 2016. Her work was also featured in last year's copy of Brainchild.

Taylor Fulton
Art Editor

Taylor is an artist and a scientist; while her pastimes might include pastels and paints, her academic career is geared towards saving the environment. Conservation and sustainability are key aspects Taylor would like to maintain and develop upon within our world. Meanwhile, she brings innovative ideas and creativity with her as she commences her first year of working with Brainchild. Taylor aims to disseminate art and literature into society to encourage individual interpretation and self-enlightenment.


Nicholas Peters
Marketing Director

Nicholas is an outgoing and incredibly driven individual with a love for learning that envelops every aspect of life. He hopes to one day have a career that utilizes his passion for communication and allows him to connect with a very large audience in a positive way. In addition to being the marketing director for Brainchild, he is also the Director of Communication and Marketing on the Undergraduate Student Government, a show host on Black Squirrel Radio, a PR assistant for the College of Business Administration, and a freelance photographer.

Hannah Murrey

Hannah is a lover of people, the arts, and analyzation. She enjoys taking a break from the busyness of life to build relationships with people, paint, read a good book, or make music on her ukulele. Hannah also appreciates the world’s cultures; one of her interests is anthropology. Additionally, Hannah is a part of Identity Project- a student organization that expositorily teaches the Bible. However, she also enjoys research and data analyzation. Hannah joins her interests together by working with Brainchild on the marketing team. In the approaching years, she hopes to have a career in marketing that encompasses her passions.