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Listening in
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Marissa Kopco

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Jenna Citrus

It Is All in the Mind
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"definitions belong
to the definers, not
the defined"

Emily Sirko

The Sand’s Script
David Albert Solberg

The Night of
the Dance 

Devin Prasatek

Cognitive Decline

Charlsa Hensley

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Dripping Conviction of an Everlasting Beauty
Nada Abdelrahim


Listening In

Why does everyone call you a “he”?
Do you really know my thoughts?
Are you white like in all the pictures?
What am I thinking right now?            
I really like your clouds.
Why did you make those white too?
Why are sunsets at the end of the day?
What’s your favorite color?                
Do you hate clowns like me?
Why are clowns’ faces white too?
Do you love everyone?
Sometimes I don’t love everyone.

About the Author

Elizabeth Schoppelrei is a senior at Wright State University. She is a Spanish major with minors in English literature and German. She enjoys taking creative writing courses and submitting to both the journal and newspaper on Wright State’s campus.