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"definitions belong
to the definers, not
the defined"

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"definitions belong to the definers, not the defined"

you can only have watched your favorite movie once
you can not know the artist of your favorite song
or you can only know the artist
you can never see your best friend in person
you can fall in love from a picture
or never fall in love in the same bed
you can run for cancer but never have known someone with it
you can talk to god but never pray
or you can pray but never talk to god
you can love lips but hate the word
you can read half a book and quote the other half at parties
you can like the color gray but not what it symbolizes
you can hate red not because of it what it symbolizes
or you can like them both for no reason
you can run your hand along unfinished wood
and use the splinters to turn yourself into velvet
you can keep flags but hate countries
you can read signs but hate direction
or you can need directions but forget to read signs
you can see the moon and not know what to look at
you can love the stars but never write about them

you can notice eyes but not know the color of your own

About the Author

Emily Sirko is a junior English major at Kent State University. She likes cold weather, film photography and record players, but above all else, she loves to write. She writes when the world is quiet and does not nag, most often in the space between days and on Sunday afternoons. Her writing usually stems from nature and her attempts to bottle a sample of its breath and transfer it into words, not forgetting to inhale some of it for herself along the way.