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Dripping Conviction of an Everlasting Beauty

Shake it off
wetness only lasts until
it dries. 
Wipe your nose
sadness only drenches
the first time.
Spit the fire out
don’t forget the body is
only human.
Fly over the cliffs when
you have the chance
or you’ll forget that
boldness too soon

About the Author

Nada Abdelrahim is a junior bioengineering major at the University of Illinos at Chicago with a secret passion for writing. She hopes to one day travel the world practicing medical research by day and spreading the healing power of words by night. Not only does she be-lieve in the incomparable power of a red gummy bear or an awesome outfit, but she also professes the importance of the written word. Her advice is to use words responsibly, for words can take you further than you ever believed possible.